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Custom Manufacturing of Poly Chicken Strip Bag for the Food Industry

Custom Manufacturing of Poly Chicken Strip Bag for the Food Industry
Custom Manufacturing of Poly Chicken Strip Bag for the Food Industry

Our clients in the food industry rely on poly bags to keep their products fresh. At Belcorr Packaging, we play our part by manufacturing reliable poly chicken strip bags. Each bag undergoes heat sealing and zipper insulation, and we print graphics to meet our clients' design and aesthetic requirements. We use both a Schjeldahl bag making machine and a Zip Pak machine during manufacturing.

Our poly chicken strip bags are made using a C.F.I.A. approved low-density and linear low-density poly blend. They measure 2 Mil in material thickness, 15 inches long, 13 inches wide, and also feature a 1.50-inch long re-closable header and a 1.50-inch wicket lip. Other features include a serrated zipper lip.

Once we meet all client specifications and food-grade standards, we package 750 bags per box and deliver the order to our customer, where each bag is used to safely package chicken strips.

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Poly Chicken Strip Bag - Project Highlights

Product Name
Chicken Strip Poly Bag
Product Description
These Poly bags are used to package chicken strips.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Heat Sealing
Zipper Insertion
Printing (Flexographic)
  • Print Graphics to Client Specifications
  • 1 Color
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Schjedahl Bag Making Machine and Zip Pak Zipper Machine
Overall Part Dimensions
Material Thickness: 2 Mil
Length: 18.00"
Width: 13.00"
Reclosable Header: 1.50"Long
Wicket Lip: 1.50"
Material Used
C.F.I.A Approved Low Density/Linear Low Density Blend
One Colour Print
Serrated Zipper Lip
Reclosable Header
Wicket Lip
In process testing performed
Constant inspection for print and wicket registration and zipper seals.
Industry for Use
750 Per Box
Delivery Location
Kitchener, Ontario
Standards Met
Customer supplied print
Food Grade
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